Regina Water Watch asks minister for referendum oversight

Regina Water Watch has written to the Minister of Government Relations requesting that the provincial government provide independent oversight of the wastewater treatment plant referendum.

The letter, sent this morning to Honourable Jim Reiter, states eight reasons that Regina Water Watch believes supervision of the election is needed.

“We’re very concerned. The City’s actions call for this extraordinary step because we can no longer trust them to ensure a fair referendum,” said Holmes.

The letter details concerns including conflict of interest with staff involvement, using taxpayers’ money to campaign, limiting voting for seniors and those with mobility issues to a mail-in ballot, and previous action by the City Clerk to attempt to increase petition signatures required at the eleventh hour and the decision to disallow 2,834 signatures because they did not include the date.

“There’s just been too many questionable incidents and decisions about the waste water referendum,” says Holmes. “This is an issue people care deeply about and we need to ensure the election is fair.”