Fougere would ‘never consider a P3 on water’

An article in the November 8 Regina Leader-Post about Mayor Fougere’s recent appearance in Toronto on a panel at the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships conference quotes Fougere as saying that “We would never consider a P3 on water.” Fougere also commented that he can’t see “having another large project that would be a P3” in the near future.

Coming less than two months after 43% of Regina citizens voted in opposition to the P3 privatization of the city’s wastewater treatment plant, Fougere said that Regina is a five on a scale of one (not enthusiastic) to 10 (very enthusiastic) when it comes to P3s. Saying that “P3s are not a panacea and they’re not the solution for everything,” Fougere also stated that a P3 approach to the city’s $261 million in road construction would be “very difficult.”